Sensors & Software for Growers

What if your plants could talk to you?


Next-Generation Farming Solutions

Fidelis Greens is proud to join ranks with and serve farmers of all kinds.  We want to help take the uncertainty and guesswork out of agriculture and we define success as helping farmers achieve the highest levels of yield and quality possible, and helping increase their efficiency and profitability through data-driven innovation.


A Technology Partner

Using technology is not a new concept for farmers, but it’s just not always been feasible or cost-effective for them to adopt.  Well, we want to change that and make innovative tools more accessible and benefits more tangible.  Fidelis Greens is the technology partner to help growers of all sizes do more with less.  We provide off-the-shelf solutions that are cutting-edge, easy to use, and have immediate impact to the bottom line.


Our data-driven tools help farmers

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Mitigate Risk

Historical and real-time data help farmers make good decisions for harvest success 

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Save Time & Resources

Automation of growing processes saves precious time and resources

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optimize conditions & Variables

Data-science algorithms detect correlations to inputs that affect production and can helpfarmers control for those factors

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maximize Yield

Achieve the best yields and highest crop quality, while being as efficient as possible

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Have peace of mind

Monitor crop health indicators 24/7 and quantify progress for accurate forecasting


Our Passion

To help make farms and growing operations of any scale be more efficient and profitable, their crop yields be more predictable and robust, and make innovative tools more accessible and viable for current and potential growers.